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Music to Listen and Dance and Write to

Last month, Radiohead released its eighth studio album, The King of Limbs.  As a longtime fan, the new work motivated me to revisit their music. While most of their releases fall within the typical range of albums and video collections, some less usual Radiohead-related projects exist too.

Radiohead and philosophy : fitter happier more deductiveWhile shelving books the other day, I came across the anthology Radiohead and Philosophy: Fitter Happier More Deductive. With titles that play on the band’s lyrics, these essays apply Radiohead’s music and convictions to philosophical questions of existentialism, postmodernism, technology, economics and ecology.

Another unusual book, Everyday Apocalypse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, the Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture Icons, examines revelation in music, film and literature that aspires to “a more watchful way of being in the world.”

Radiohead’s inspirational reach extends into the world of dance as well. In 2008, the ballet Radio and Juliet, a modern ballet interpretation of Romeo and Juliet to the music of Radiohead, showed in Pittsburgh at the Byham Theater. The performance took place on a nearly bare stage with seven dancers in minimal costume, and added a visceral interpretations to both the play and the music. You can watch a preview to Radio and Juliet here: The Ballet Maribor is not the only company to dance to a Radiohead soundtrack; Merce Cunningham Dance Company performed Split Sides in 2003 to music by Radiohead and Sigur Ros.

If the new album is any indication, Radiohead will continue to make music that inspires listeners and other artists alike.


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