Quite possibly the cutest anime ever.

If you’re looking for a fairly painless introduction to the huge and sometimes terrifying world of anime and manga, may I suggest the obnoxiously delightful Azumanga Daioh?


The story focuses on the day-to-day lives of the six schoolgirls pictured above, a group purposefully designed for maximum comedic effect: child prodigy, slacker, reluctant athlete, idiot, exchange student, and lone voice of reason.

This is my plush version of my favorite character, Chiyo's dad. Which one's Chiyo and who's her dad? Find out for yourself!

Of course we have some teachers – there’s a hyperactive English teacher who’s a horrible driver, her friend the (mostly) normal gym teacher, and a stereotypical male teacher who’s obsessed with girls in gym shorts. But it’s all in good fun.

And what does this cast of characters do? Nothing, really. Nothing terribly exciting, at least. They go to school. They study. They take vacations together. They compete in sports festivals (while wearing the previously mentioned gym shorts). But somehow, it never gets boring.

The anime series consists of six DVDs, all housed here in the Main library for your viewing pleasure. Or if you prefer to read (as I usually do) we also have all four volumes of the manga. Enjoy!

– Amy

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8 responses to “Quite possibly the cutest anime ever.

  1. We sometimes call one of our cats “the bitey cat” after the cat on the fence in the series. (Also, I recommend the soundtrack on CD. To quote you, “obnoxiously delightful”.) :)

    • I’ve tried and tried, but we just don’t have many video game or anime soundtracks here. I thought we should at least have the Cowboy Bebop CDs…alas. I’ll grab this one (for myself!) if I see it, though!

      – Amy

  2. Jill

    OK – I’m intrigued to find out more about those six students. Will give the books a try.
    You say, under the photo of Chiyo’s Dad: “This is my plush version of my favorite character, Chiyo’s dad.” Does that mean you made it yourself? I see a tag on it’s side, so I’m undecided!

  3. Whitney

    I love this show/manga series to bits. It’s the absolute perfect thing to perk me up after a bad day, and even when I’m having a great day it makes me feel great about the world.

    I have a plush as well, but it is the character Sakaki with her favorite “bitey” cat.

  4. Joelle

    Is it suitable for 8 and 6 year olds? My kids love L.O.V.E. anime, but some things are too “mature” for them – or downright sexist.

    • It’s suggested for ages 13 and up, but the worst parts I can think of involve comparisons of chest sizes (fully clothed) and that teacher who likes girls in gym shorts. The manga’s a really quick read, so maybe you should just grab a volume and page through it first.

      – Amy

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