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The Fever

Still have Super Bowl fever? Or a Super Bowl hangover? After a memorable season of ups and downs for our Steelers, the library is here to help you get back on the mend and ready for next year’s campaign. Note: this post was written before last night’s Super Bowl, and it’s basically the only thing on my mind right now.

From commemorative issues to the celebratory DVDS to the story of the franchise, the Steelers are an investing football team to follow. With long roots in Pittsburgh and a sole family ownership for the duration of their history, they are unique and as part of the community as some of the greater institutions in Pittsburgh.

Read local authors takes, remember the legends, watch this highly praised performance, and take on how a Steelers fan should live. Learn and grow, see why the “Steelers Nation” is as strong as it is.

I think that should suffice until next season…oh wait, the Pens are still playing!

– Tony

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