Revisiting Movies for Groundhog Day

Since today is officially Groundhog Day, I decided to revisit Melissa’s idea of revisiting the stories we love.  And I’m going to start with a story of my own.

Once upon a time, the First Floor experimented with a “New and Featured Film and Audio” section, including a librarian’s desk and a TV.  We were allowed to run a movie on the TV, on mute with closed captioning.  But it had to be from that room and rated PG.

There weren’t any children’s titles in the room, and the newest and most interesting titles were always checked out.  So I usually ran the same four or five movies repeatedly.  (Okay, I’ll confess — I slipped in the occasional PG-13 during the low-traffic early hours.)  Fortunately, I was busy enough that I wasn’t paying attention most of the time, and I never really got sick of them.

Yes, one of them was…

“What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.”

But I also spent a lot of quality time with…

“A shark ate your eye?”

“In Okinawa, all Miyagi know two things: fish and karate.”

“More amazing than the time Michael Jackson came over to your house to use the bathroom?”

The Blob (motion picture)

“I wouldn’t give much for our chances, us running around in the middle of the night, looking for something that if we found it, it might kill us.”

Of course, everybody’s got a few movies they could recite on command.  Outside of my time in that department, I’m notorious for never watching movies, and even I have a list–

“It’s in that place where I put that thing that time…?”

“We got five thousand dollars, we got five thousand dollars!”

“It’s one of my personal favorites, and I’d like to dedicate it to a young man who doesn’t think he’s seen anything good today.”

“No ticket.”

So even though I’m not a big movie person, I’m always up for some comedy, action, or horror.  What movies could you watch a hundred times?

-Denise  (with a little help from my friends)

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9 responses to “Revisiting Movies for Groundhog Day

  1. Amy – I am almost ashamed to admit that I’ve never watched that movie from beginning to end. I need to rectify that.

  2. Some movies I never tire of watching: Green Card, Grease, Clockwatchers, Party Girl, & When Harry Met Sally.

  3. Amanda

    I am also notorious for never watching movies, but I would not mind watching My Cousin Vinny and the aforementioned Who Framed Roger Rabbit? a hundred times.

  4. Whitney

    Oh man. UHF Comes to mind as a movie I can continuously return to any time I’m having a hard time. I love coming back to movies of yore that helped me come to adulthood with (certainly) different viewpoints.

    Blazing Saddles is another one. LOVE that movie. Always manages to cheer me up when the cards are down.

  5. Wes

    I agree with most of the movies on your list, especially The Goonies, which I watched I’ve watched at least a billion times. I would add to this list Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, The Shawshank Redemption, and Return of the Living Dead.

  6. Colleen

    Princess Bride is a nice rewatch movie. It’s one of the few movies I’ve ever watched that is as good as, if not better, than the book. Sabrina (old and new version) is fun and I also like Gattacca and the Lord of the Rings movies.

  7. L. Cordes

    The new Star Trek movie. Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. (We tested that one. We played it on loop during college finals week one year. It only stopped when we slept. We didn’t get tired of it.)

  8. lisa

    Our family often quotes from Better Off Dead and True Lies. We often get blank stares from folks who are not familiar with these movies…but its soooo funny! Gotta sound like Arnold Swartzenegger when you yell…”The bridge is ooooooout!”

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