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Resume Maker

The JCEC has many fine databases, but my current favorite is Resume Maker.

If your resume is already digitized, you can import it into Resume Maker and start editing.  Or, you can start a new file and enter your personal information by hand.  There are sample resumes and cover letters that you can browse for inspiration.  There’s also a helpful “Examples and Advice” button, which appears at key decision-making points.

Everything is customizable.  Want a heading for “Campus Involvement?”  Click “Add sections,” and find it in the list.  Don’t want an “objective?”  Delete that section.  List things chronologically, or try your hand at a functional resume.  Then you can style it further by choosing a layout from a drop-down menu, or tinkering with the settings yourself.   Your resume is truly a living document, always ready to be changed, printed, or emailed.

Resume Maker also has a section for general job hunting and career advice.  Their tab for interview preparation is impressive, and includes videos, sample questions, and even salary advice.

To try Resume Maker, visit the list of JCEC databases, and scroll down.  If you’re not in a library, click “remote access.”  You’ll need to enter a valid library card number.  Feel free to call or visit if you have questions about Resume Maker, or any of our services.



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