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Another year is soon coming to an end, and with that comes my New Year’s resolutions (subject to change or not be resolved):

Run more, eat better.

After time spent reading about the ills of eating some foods, I am knowledgable, although not entirely convinced that such an extreme approach is for me. However, I have less of an excuse to be picky about what goes into my body, and how I use that energy. Also, it works for Murakami.

Watch more Nicolas Cage films.

I am serious. Cage is the single most interesting actor alive, and he seemingly doesn’t turn down a role – it makes him both fascinating and impossible to keep up with. A true National Treasure . (Sorry, I had to. Really.)

Read a classic.
I am guilty of not putting enough of these down in my time reading – I am guilty of being too contemporary. One way to tackle this is to promise yourself at least one classic a year. This year for me was Don Quixote (full disclosure: it remains unfinished). Next year I’m letting three excellent choices guide me and seeing where I end up. The new translation of Madame Bovary by Lydia Davis is pretty hot right now (again, guilty of being most interested in the newest). Time will tell which one ends up in my hands.

Be more social.

Simple enough, right?

Write more.

No matter how many writing guides I may read, or how many of my favorite novels are about living as a writer, the mantra is simple: write every day. This is an easy one, do what you love. Take what you know, how you live, and put it down. This applies to anything you do.

I plan on feeling better, doing better, and living well in the next year. I hope you, dear reader, will as well. A happy new year to you all.

– Tony

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