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Today’s library blast from the past is How to Build Your Own Garage, published by Popular Mechanics in 1953. While it is very detailed, informative, and well-written, I didn’t think that it was terribly exciting until I reached chapter seven, WHAT ABOUT AN A-BOMB SHELTER?

So without further ado, please enjoy these helpful hints for constructing your very own bomb shelter and surviving an atomic blast.

Since I did most of my growing up during the latter years of the Cold War, I have vivid memories of elementary school civil defense drills – which mainly involved crouching under our desks in confusion until the teachers gave us the all clear. So when I was in third or fourth grade, and thus able to fully understand the impending nuclear doom, I decided that if those sirens ever went off I was going to go outside and watch. No bomb shelters for me, please.

Ah, those were the days.

– Amy

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