Words. Books.

Please, no matter how we advance technologically, please don’t abandon the book. There is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the book.

These words streamed from the voice of Patti Smith when she accepted the National Book Award for nonfiction last week, for Just Kids, a memoir of her life with Robert Mapplethorpe in New York City’s 1970s art scene.

We may think of a book as low-tech. The combined technologies of the printing press and paper mill created an utterly simple and useful object we often take for granted. As Amazon.com’s CEO Jeff Bezos said, “The book just turns out to be an incredible device.”

Open one of those incredible devices over this holiday weekend. Give thanks for books.



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6 responses to “Words. Books.

  1. Hear hear! Long live the paper imagination engine!

  2. Don

    Beautiful quote from one of my favorite people (hint: it ain’t Jeff Bezos).

    I plan to follow your holiday instructions to a tee. Thanks, Julie.

  3. Lynne

    Yes, yes, I totally agree… There is nothing like a book. These new technologically “advanced”? creations such as the Kindle by Amazon may be convenient for those so busy to take trip to a library or book store, or even the book section of a grocery store.
    However, the simple act of curling up with a good “paper” book just loses something when it’s a cold flat object in your hands without pages to turn, instead of that comforting weight and shape of a book to cradle in our hands as we become engulfed in the pages, getting closer to the end, turning one page at a time!
    I love the mixed emotions of wanting to find out how the story ends, and that “let down” feeling of it being over, like post vacation blues. I enjoy using bookmarks, to hold my place. I collect them from all over, and actually pick the bookmark to go with a specific book.
    So, let’s keep the wonderful invention of the printed page alive!
    There is no replacement for the book.

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  5. lizzy

    For book lovers, check out the Chester Beatty Library (in Dublin, Ireland): http://www.cbl.ie I had the chance to visit when in Ireland and it’s an amazing homage to the book, print making, illustration and more. Best of all-it’s still FREE to the general public!

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