Make It Count

Votes For Women Buttons, ca. 1915-1920

"Votes For Women Buttons, ca. 1915-1920," Cornell University Collection of Political Americana

Today is Election Day, so make sure you vote. If you’ve paid any attention to the news in the past few months, you know that this is an important election. (Really, what election isn’t important?) Candidates we elect today will make decisions regarding topics important to all of us: the economy, civil rights, shale drilling and the environment, library funding and more.

At the very least, it’s a chance to express your opinion and see it enacted. Who doesn’t love that?

Whether you’re a first-time voter, college student or experienced voter, there are resources to assist you. If you’d like guidance about the process, go to Votes PA.  The site can tell you where your polling place is, explain how to vote and even includes demos of the electronic voting machines. If you’re unsure whether you’re registered, check the PA Voter Registration Status site.

If you need help deciding who to choose, local news sources offer election guides, and CLP’s comprehensive Voter and Election Information page can refer you to even more information on how and where to vote, election coverage, and candidate and issue information.

It’s your voice. Make it count!


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