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Don’t forget that Music Sale at Main – October 23 and 24

For those of you whose talents are not of an overtly musical nature, we have plenty of videos and CDs! Come spend your hard-earned money on our hard-working library!

TIME: Saturday, October 23rd – 10 AM to 4 PM and Sunday, October 24th – 1PM to 5 PM.

LOCATION: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Main, in the International Poetry Room (it’s on the second floor, on the opposite end of the building from the Music department).

We’ve got scores, sheet music, music CDs, music related VHS and DVD offerings, music books, and a totally random collection of books on CD.

Most items will be $2 or less!

This is a mere fraction of the CDs that we're selling. Now is that fraction 1/5 or more like 1/23? You'll have to visit the sale to find out.

– Amy, who is not a music librarian, but who is pretty good at publicity

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