Ode to August 18th

August 18th is Bad Poetry Day. In honor of that fact, I’ve written a bad poem about today.


Oh, August 18th, you wretched day —
Stuck in the middle of endless summer,
Fall leaves and winter snow delayed;
How can I not think you a bummer?

But if blogging on this day must be done,
How about a little trivia, just for fun?
Know that Roberto Clemente was born today in 1934,
He played with the Pirates back when they could score.

It’s a big day for women, don’t forget:
Ninety years ago today they gained the vote
With a ratified 19th amendment.
(That’s certainly good reason to gloat.)

Today’s the day, too, for family planning,
As fifty years ago today first was sold —
All controversy notwithstanding —
The first birth control pill, Enovid, I’m told.

And let us remember Woodstock,
That most singular of events:
Ended today in ’69 three days of rock,
And lots of mud in hippies’ tents.

Comments will only be accepted in the form of bad poetry.



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2 responses to “Ode to August 18th

  1. The days are just packed!
    Calvin said that one, I think.
    The cartoon, I mean. :)


  2. Kirby

    Maintaining displays on floor 2 can be troubling,

    But thanks to your blog, I’ve ideas all a-bubbling!

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