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Last But Not Least

Please enjoy this short list of movies whose titles begin with the letter Z, all available at your beloved public library. 

 Zero Effect     Zero Hour     Ziegfeld Follies     Zodiac     Zombieland

Zack and Miri Make a Porno – Filmed in Monroeville, PA!

Zardoz – Our new edition does not feature Sean Connery’s terrifying outfit on the cover. Perhaps that’s for the best.

Zelig – Anyone can tolerate Woody Allen for 79 minutes. Maybe.

Zero Effect – Starring Bill Pullman, often better known as “that guy who plays the President in Independence Day.”

Zero Hour! – Inspired the movie Airplane!, which also features the gratuitious use of exclamation points!

Ziegfeld Follies – Lots of famous types and a pretty creepy premise, when you think about it. And this is my only description without a link; how odd.

Zodiac – Iron Man and one of those Brokeback Mountain cowboys team up to hunt down a serial killer. Sure, why not.

Zombieland – I don’t like Woody Harrelson, but I do like amusement parks. So I guess I’m ambivalent about this one.

Zorba the Greek – The only Academy Award winner on this list!

– Amy


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