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Love Alone

State budget season is here again. Pennsylvania’s June legislative budget wrangle can be counted on like Pittsburgh’s June weather, which brings the highest average rainfall of the year (and many wet basements).

Library of Congress photo

Please reach out to Governor Rendell and your state senator and representative. Remind them that your Library is necessary to the health of your community, and that library funding was cut in 2009. What is needed is to restore funding to guarantee access—not more cuts.

If you’re reading this, you are an important link in the chain that connects individuals through community libraries. Another important link easily connects you to Pennsylvania Library Association’s Legislative Action Center. Click the link for a Web page that allows you to select email recipients according to your zip code, then edit provided text or write your own advocacy letter. After another click or two, your voice will join mine and other citizen advocates.

Please take a few minutes to write or call Governor Rendell and your other elected officials.

Thank you for turning your love for your Library into action.


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