We’re saving a seat for you.

Time is running out for you to use this:

Photo courtesy of HughShows.

What is this twine-wrapped stereo with sheets of comments next to it?  It is the listening station for DJ Responsibility’s FORMALISM, a project by all-around town, genre-defying musician David Bernabo.  The library’s FORMALISM project is well documented at the HughShows blog and in previous Eleventh Stack posts here and here.

Next month, after the twine is unwrapped and the sign is taken down, the 19 minute FORMALISM disc will go into the Music Department’s collection where we keep thousands of local recordings including other David Bernabo projects and bands.  But why not come in soon and sit down for a spell and be entranced by listening to the only available copy of an album?  It’s not on your friend’s iPod, it’s not piping in through the speakers at the mall, and it’s not floating around the Web.  It’s only in your ears when you’re sitting in a wooden chair in the library.  And perhaps it will stay in your mind long after.

— Tim

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