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So Pretty, You’ll Want to Eat It

Calendula officinalis 'Flashback'_4313 by Elle-Epp.

Calendula. Edible - but only the petals!

Have you ever seen something so cute/pretty/fuzzy that you just want to hold it up to your face and take a bite (think kittens and little crocheted animals)? Well, I’ve found myself reacting this way toward vegetation, specifically pretty flowers that are blooming everywhere. With a little research, to my delight I’ve found list upon list of edible flowers guides. This is helpful in getting  started with nutritious nibblingedible exploration and spicy snacking.    

I am no expert, so as a word of caution, just like anything in nature, be aware of what you’re eating, where it came from, and what’s possibly been sprayed on it, before you determine it safe to put in your mouth.    

Fall chrysanthemum by jfh686.

Chrysanthemum. Only eat the petals!

For further adventures in the world of pretty edibles, look for these titles at the Library: 

book jacketEat Your Yard! Edible Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Herbs and Flowers for Your Landscape by Nan K. Chase 



book jacket Rosalind Creasy’s Recipes from the Garden by Rosalind Creasy 



book jacketEdible Flowers: A Kitchen Companion by Kitty Morse  



– Lisa



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