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Crazy Crazy Tantor Audiobooks

Some of my favorite nonfiction audiobooks come from a little company called Tantor, named for the elephant in Tarzan of the Apes. And why are they my favorites? Because they’re weird. Really weird. But in a really good way. For instance…


  • Want to learn how UFO sightings influenced the early days of the space race? Try A Ball, a Dog, and a Monkey.
  • Boston, gangsters, awesome! It’s The Brothers Bulger.
  • Charlatan will make you a) cringe, b) sympathize with goats, and c) want to send a thank you note to the FDA. This one is easily the weirdest of the lot!    


  • Building tunnels underwater was one of the challenges faced by the railroaders in Conquering Gotham.
  • The Food of a Younger Land tells you what eating was like in the days before highways and fast food.
  • And to finish it all off, see how The Ghost Map helped unravel the mysteries of cholera outbreaks.

There are hundreds of other Tantor titles to choose from in our catalog, both fiction and nonfiction, wacky and nonwacky. Don’t pass them by!

– Amy

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