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Women and the Sciences

Last week the New York Times reported on a study by the National Science Foundation which found that women still face significant bias in the sciences.  In addition to this report, several books on the subject have been written recently, such as The Mathematics of Sex: How Biology and Society Conspire to Limit Talented Women and Girls, which examines a few different theories about why women remain so underrepresented in the sciences.  One argument asserts that biological gender differences give men and women different abilities in math and science, and the book Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps- And What We Can Do About It takes a closer look at that theory. Other books, such as Removing Barriers: Women in Academic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics look at other reasons why there is a gender gap in the sciences, and ways to remove that gap. 

Books like Scientific Pioneers: Women Succeeding in Science look at the women who have already made huge strides in the sciences, and we have many more books on the subject of women in the sciences as well. And of course, we have lots of books for both women and men on different fields of science.


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