It’s a Mystery to Me . . .

Stabbed Book

Photo courtesy of ©2004 Copyright Borin Van Loon

Did you know that there are over  35 awards given annually for mystery books?  How is that even  possible?  It actually depends on who is giving the award and what they are giving it for.  Awards are presented by writers groups and by readers groups — not only for best mystery in general or best new author, but also for specific groups within this genre.  

Honors for authors from specific countries include the Arthur Ellis Award for Canadian writers, and for Australian novelists, the Ned Kelly Award.  

Awards are also given for specific sub-genres.  The Shamus Award is for the best Private Eye book.  The Agatha Award honors the finest traditional mystery.  The Lefty Award is presented to the top humorous mystery. 

The oldest mystery prize is the Edgar Award, named of course for Edgar Allan Poe.  This award has been presented annually since 1946 by the Mystery Writers of America.  And by the way, a local author has been nominated for an Edgar this year.  Kathleen George was nominated for her book The Odds.  Best of luck to her!

The Mystery Book Group at the Main Library is reading recent award winning books this spring.  Next Friday, March 19th at 1:00 pm, we will discuss What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman.  This book won both the Anthony Award and the Macavity Award in 2008 for Best Mystery Novel.  If you can, please join us in the Teen Quiet Study Room. We’d love to see you there. 


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