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Yearrrgh! Pirate Lit?

Not sure if this is a term, but I did come across Michael Crichton’s posthumously released Pirate Latitudes on the Best Sellers rack and I snatched it up. I am a big fan of many of his earlier works (Eaters of the Dead comes to mind), and this one looks like it’ll provide some rollicking historical fiction.

If you want to give Pirate Latitudes a try, but you’re unfamiliar with general pirate lore and history, I recommend Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates by David Cordingly, one of the best and most thorough explorations of historical pirates to come along in recent years. Oddly enough, there is another pirate book with a very similar title:

Under the Black Flag: Exploits of the Most Notorious Pirates

This second book is by Don Seitz, and was originally published in the 1920’s, so the style provides a somewhat different reading experience from the Cordingly book. Still, the accounts and action in both books are riveting, and will provide a nice historical complement to Mr. Crichton’s punchy prose.


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