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The Peregrines are back!

Two of Pittsburgh’s Peregrine Falcons, Dorothy and E2, have returned to their nest near the top of the Cathedral of Learning. For many Pittsburghers, watching the falcons is a pre-spring ritual. Last year was my first year as a falcon-watcher, and I’m hooked.

You can keep tabs by going to the live Pittsburgh falconcams at the Gulf Tower, the Cathedral of Learning, or at the Rachel Carson State Office Building in Harrisburg. All of these sites offer ample information on the birds’ behavior and history.  To see a preview of the coming month’s events, you can watch a slideshow of the 2008 nesting season at the Cathedral of Learning site.  WQED’s “bird blog,” Outside My Window includes spirited commentary on the birds’ behavior, as well as an FAQ about the Peregrines, as well as many other informative nature-watching musings and images.

If you’ve never watched the Peregrines from courting to nesting to fledging before, this is a perfect year to start. While the cameras offer an intimate, close-up view of the creatures, remember when you’re in Oakland or downtown: don’t forget to look up!


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