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March Movie Madness

Which of the last four decades produced the best films?  Help us choose by voting in Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s March Movie Madness!  We’re using the NCAA basketball tournament as a model, but our four divisions are 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s – 32 films total, with 8 in each division. 


We used a variety of resources to choose our contenders, such as the New York Times Guide to the Best 1000 Movies Ever Made, the Times Online: The 100 Best Films of the Decade, and a list of Academy Award Best Picture nominees.  Our staff voted to determine the final list of films, which were seeded based on domestic gross box office figures.  And yes, we know we left out a lot of really great films and included some that would never have made your list.


Vote with a paper ballot in the Film & Audio Department or online starting on March 3rd (look for the link on our department’s home page). Every week we’ll update the March Movie Madness website with trivia and commentary about our competitors, and we’ll announce our winner on April 6th!

– Amy and Sarah

Update: Yesterday afternoon, the last of our four missing Simpsons DVDs made its way back to my desk – all of the discs were found scattered throughout the library. Two of the discs need repair, but that’s better than losing the entire set!

– Amy


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