I Sense a Theme Here…

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” –Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

Well, that may very well be, but it isn’t spring yet.  We are still in the throes of winter around here and in the winter, my thoughts turn to food.  So lately, I’ve been spending time eating at some fabulous restaurants, making hearty meals when snowed in at home,  and perusing the cookbook collection here at the Library.  As I was scanning the shelves, I began to detect a not-so-subtle theme emerging from the titles of some of the cookbooks.  Let’s see if you can figure out what I noticed . . . 

Whisking Up Egg Whites

Image courtesy of http://www.101cookbooks.com

A Culinary Love Story 

Anne and Beau met in culinary school.   “Have you ever been Seduced by Bacon?” Beau asked her one day, as they worked side by side in a dessert lesson.  “No, but I have been Tempted. You don’t think I’m Cheap & Easy, do you?” Anne replied.  Beau had been Ready and Waiting for Anne since they first met in a basic sauce cookery class, but she had seemed out of his reach.  Anne was used to the big city, Small Bites, Big Nights, and bright lights.
“Do you always do it like that – Slow & Easy?” Anne asked with a quick bat of her lashes while observing the way he handled his whisk.  “You know that Nobody Does it Better than the French,” she said.  Beau was left with his Mouth Wide Open at Anne’s suggestive tone and, more importantly, the way she was able to create such stiff peaks on her meringue. 
“I’m thinking of inventing a new dessert creation,” Anne announced. “It will be called the Dessert Fourplay, featuring a quartet of Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey.”  “That sounds delicious.  What a pleasure it would be to get a taste of that,” Beau said.  “Oh trust me, The Pleasure is All Mine,” stated Anne.  “Faster! I’m Starving!” was all that he could muster in reply, as the Sparks in the Kitchen flew. 
And with that exchange of flirtations, Anne and Beau knew that cooking up something Hot & Spicy wouldn’t be limited to the kitchen! 

Now you tell me, are all of those books really about food?

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