Snowmaggeddon or Global Warming?

I can’t tell you the number of global warming jokes I’ve heard since Pittsburgh (and much of the East Coast) was blanketed in record-breaking snows over a week ago.  While Donald Trump argues that Al Gore’s Nobel Prize should be taken away, Gore counters that global warming can actually be responsible for extreme weather conditions like we’ve seen this winter.  Personally, I’m just glad that the wolves didn’t escape from the zoo and we had to hole up in the public library (although there are worse places I can think of to get stuck!). 

Whether you’re a global warming skeptic or a firm believer, we’ve got lots of materials on the topic.  A great place to look for information on global warming and many other issues is the Opposing Viewpoints series.  These books highlight often controversial topics, and provide essays that argue both for and against different viewpoints.  The database Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center provides even more information, and if you’re snowbound you can access it from home with your library card.  Both sources are great for getting some basic background on a topic, whether you want to satisfy your curiosity on a particular issue or are writing a paper on a topic.


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