The Drummer: The Movie and the Viewer

As part of its International Cinema Sunday program a few weeks ago, the Film & Audio Department showed the East Asian film The Drummer.  I missed it.  Hey, I can’t get cultured continuously (as much as I try) and I watched the Steelers beat the Dolphins that afternoon.

Luckily, the library has the movie on DVD.  Though I wished I could have seen on the big screen the mesmerizing scenes of Zen drummers on a mountain in Taiwan (the real-life U Theatre ensemble), home viewing had one advantage.  Immediately after the film ended, I grabbed a pair of drumsticks and put my practice pad on the coffee table.  So while my father isn’t a hotheaded Hong Kong gangster and I didn’t foolishly get caught in the bathtub with a rival gang leader’s girlfriend, it was still good to lose myself in rhythm like the protagonist of The Drummer does.

— Tim

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