Our Favorite Bad Covers

My Music, Film & Audio coworkers and I have rounded up the best of our worst DVD and VHS covers for your enjoyment. Some of them are old and out of date, some of them are new classics, some are just plain wrong, and some have a quirky charm all their own.

But wait, it gets better – you can (well, if you really want to) check out any of these delightful items and share them with your friends and family! Just jig (don’t jog) down to the Main library today, and we’ll show you where to look.

– Amy


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2 responses to “Our Favorite Bad Covers

  1. Hi,
    Love the blog. Great stuff.

    I recently started my own blog @ http://www.yinzit.com. It would be much appreciated if everyone could comment on my latest post, how to increase teen usage at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. The idea of the blog is to collect ideas that can be implemented into the community. Creatives that win a challenge will be awarded points!

    Thanks again and please try it out,
    Justin @ http://www.Yinzit.com

    • Hi Justin! Thanks for reading along – I’m keen to see what ideas your readers come up with, as increasing library usage is something we library folk talk about all the darned time…thanks for commenting!

      Leigh Anne

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