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Real people read your emails.

Have you ever sent an email to a large organization (perhaps your beloved public library) and wondered if anyone bothered to read it? Of course you have.

I’d like to assure you that if you write to the Film & Audio Department, someone will read your message (I know, since that someone is me). We have three different email accounts – it’s not that our awesomeness cannot be contained by one email account (though this is true), but because each account serves a different purpose.

filmandaudio@carnegielibrary.org is for general questions.

  • Do you have The Cosby Show on DVD? (Yes. It was accidentally labeled “The Crosby Show” since we bought it during last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, but I fixed the call numbers.)
  • Was “Song of the South” ever released on DVD? (Not in the United States, sorry.)
  • Do you have any videotapes about blacksmithing? (A real question! No videos, but we do have quite a few books.)

eaudio@carnegielibrary.org is for our downloadable services.

patronrequestsav@carnegielibrary.org is for purchase suggestions, which is the library way of saying “stuff you think we should buy.” Here are a few helpful hints for your requesting pleasure.

  • Don’t submit the same request eleven times in two minutes. (We’ll know they all came from the same person. Give us some credit, please.  We have master’s degrees.)
  • Don’t request anything that’s still in the theaters, or anything that hasn’t been released on DVD. (We can’t buy them yet!)
  • Don’t worry about requesting those big Hollywood blockbusters, as we buy them no matter what. (Seriously, I’d be fired if I forgot to buy Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Well, not fired, but my boss would probably sigh at me.)

So please, if you have a question, drop us a line! We won’t leave you hanging.

– Amy

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