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Government Documents at CLP

Since 1895, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has offered as much as 58% of all publications printed by the United States Government.   As a member of the Federal Deposity Library Program,  the Library is one of 1200+ conduits for information between local citizenry and the Federal Government .  These materials, along with the professional assistance which collect, distribute, and  maintain them, help safeguard our “right to know.” Unclassified material, whether hearings, rulings, committees, and sundry publications, are available free of charge at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  They are an excellent resource for primary resources about the issues that underlay the structure of our government.

The scope of a Depository Library, in general, encompasses health, law, science, business, education, history and geography with emphasis given to topics that are germane to its particular audience.  For example, in addition to the climatological data found in nearly all Depository Libraries,  CLP’s collection also includes coverage of the city and of  mining, one of several industries that have shaped the culture and history of  this and neighboring areas.  Data provided by the federal Government is available online and /or via  microfiche, journals, pamphlets, and books.


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