Poetry as Insurgent Art

Famed and beloved beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s quotable book Poetry as Insurgent Art is part desiderata, part manifesto on the importance of poetry

In four prose poems and a brief essay, its quips vary from rebellious (“Strive to change the world in such a way that there’s no further need to be a dissident”) to koan-like statements to patently-Ferlinghetti comparisons to classic art and canonic literature (“Poetry can be heard at manholes, echoing up Dante’s fire escape”).  Also, there are lots of birds. 

For anyone who needs to be convinced of the vitality of art’s resistance or to be encouraged to pursue the struggle for vitality in life and expression, this little book of poetic affirmations will be a joy to read.


photo by by flickr user elgin.jessica


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5 responses to “Poetry as Insurgent Art

  1. My dear friend. You know that i am in love with Poetry. You poetry is so nice. I to share your poetry with others. Keep your blog updates like this poetry.

  2. Don


    I love this book – thanks for the reminder .. Don

  3. Tony

    I went to San Fransisco, stood where that picture was taken, and was most excited to visit City Lights Bookstore – all because of Ferlinghetti.


  4. I believe it is. All poetry is, is a streetlight to our very imagination and vision of who we are as a person.


  5. Maxine, that was beautifully put!

    Tony, mmm, City Lights. A good bookstore is a rare gem these days….


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