Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Book Club

On Tuesday, September 29, 2009, at 6:00 p.m. in the Music Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main Library (Oakland), we begin a program about which we are very excited, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Book Club.

vivvirThe first book to be discussed is Vivaldi’s Virgins: A Novel (paperback/large print) by Barbara Quick. This intriguing historical novel is about an orphan violinist at the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice where Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) was the maestro di violino. This book was selected by James Rodgers, contrabassoonist for the PSO, who will be participating in the discussion. Also appearing at each meeting will be WQED-FM‘s witty and well-spoken Jim Cunningham.

The weekend following each book club event, the orchestra concerts at Heinz Hall will correspond to the book you just read and discussed. After reading Vivaldi’s Virgins, you can hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Let’s review why you should attend!

  • a member of the illustrious Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will be participating in the discussion
  • local radio celebrity Jim Cunningham of WQED-FM will also be there
  • since it takes place in the Music Department, other materials relating to the subject will be on hand for you to check out
  • it’s an informal discussion so don’t fret if you don’t finish the book
  • you may attend any or all of the meetings
  • it’s free

Click here to see the other upcoming meetings of the PSO book club.

Please call 412-622-3105 to register so we can save a seat for you!

— Tim


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3 responses to “Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Book Club

  1. Dear Tim and members of the PSO Book Club,

    Here’s another reason to attend: I would love to be there, too (if we can find a way to make it technologically possible).

    Leave a message for me on my web site
    and I’ll give you my home phone number and Skype contact name. I’ve done virtual and phone visits with book clubs before–and they’ve always been very nice for everyone involved.

    If you’d rather not have the author right there, I encourage all of you to gather any questions or comments you’d like to direct to me. I promise to respond.

    I’m greatly honored to have VIVALDI’S VIRGINS chosen as the first novel up for discussion by your brand-new book group. I have a pre-concert lecture I’ve given with great pleasure prior to several Vivaldi concerts, here in the Bay Area. If I were only closer by, I would be more than delighted to give a talk and a book signing for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as well.

    Please give my special thanks and warm regards to Jim Rogers for choosing my novel among so many others set in the world of music–and to Jim Cunningham for leading the discussion. I would be glad to donate a signed and inscribed first edition of VIVALDI’S VIRGINS if you would like to
    offer one as a prize or thank-you.

    Three cheers for good readers everywhere–and especially in Pittsburgh!

    Cheers and best,

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