I am not a big fan of gardening, but I love to weed. Now don’t get me wrong, I delight in the bounty of the garden, which, aside from being beautiful and delicious, has the added benefit of being temporary, and thus not adding to the accumulation of stuff. Around me, friends and relatives are careful not to mention having over-stuffed closets or being buried by stacks of paper, for fear that I will get out of control and start throwing their stuff away.

You see, one of my missions on the planet is to help people get rid of the items they don’t need in their lives. Just like in the garden, there are material goods that may be pretty, but they choke the life out of a space because there are simply too many of them. With our busy, busy lives we may not even have time to enjoy them, and then they weigh on us as something we should be doing.  It’s all very exhausting.

If this situation sounds familiar, you may wonder where to begin or why you weren’t born into my family.  I can’t help you with the latter; however, for the former, we do have a number of books on the subject here at the library.  (Yes, the library is your #1 friend in the pursuit of less stuff:  borrow, don’t buy!) Don’t be put off by the titles. I hate the word “clutter,” and find it difficult to deal with the phrase “once and for all.”  That is why I think of the process as a form of weeding, giving your life room to grow.


Support your library! The Pennsylvania Library Association has designated the week of July 20th PaLA Call-In Week. Please take the time to call the Governor, your Senator, or your Representative and tell them how much your library means to you. Visit the PaLA website or our advocacy page for details.

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