Moving On

I’ve seen a lot of moving trucks lately, and I mean a lot.  Summer is a common time for people to do this much dreaded task.  Whether your lease is up or you’ve decide to make an even bigger transition and buy a home,  moving can be awfully stressful.  Although the Library can’t offer to lend you a hand on a Saturday morning and help move a  few boxes, we can help you find books to make moving a little easier.

book jacket

Downsizing Your Home with Style: Living Well in a Smaller Space /Lauri Ward



book jacket

The Moving Survival Guide: All You Need to Know to Make Your Move Go Smoothly /Martha Poage



book jacketHow to Survive a Move: By Hundreds of Happy Dwellers Who Did (And Some Things to Avoid from a Few Who Haven’t Unpacked Yet) /edited by Jamie Allen and Kazz Regelman


book jacket

The  Don’t Sweat Guide to Your New Home: Settling In and Getting the Most from Where You Live / by the editors of Don’t Sweat Press



book jacket

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Smart Moving / by Dan Ramsey



Get packing and good luck!

– Lisa

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