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Repairing your Boneshaker

Bicycle!It’s prime time to be out and about on a bike, whether it be for health, monetary, or environmental reasons. But no matter how skilled a cyclist you may be, something will (eventually) need to be repaired. If you have never attempted to maintain or repair your own bike now is a great time to learn. Here are a few books available at your library that I have used to repair and maintain my ride:

  •  Bicycle Repair: Step by Step by Paul Van der Plas is an easy to use book filled with color photos. Hailing from Holland, the land of the bicycle, he has created a no frills cycling manual that anyone can use.
  • Anybody’s Bike Book: An Original Manual of Bicycle Repairs by Tom Cuthbertson is a quirky repair book with a sense of humor. While the book doesn’t cover some of the newest technologies, such as disk brakes and STI shifters, it does help to remove some of the mechanical mystique that keeps many people from fixing their own bikes.
  • Bicycle!: A Repair & Maintenance Manifesto by Sam Tracy is a liberal repair manual that is aimed at empowering the individual to shed his or her fear of bicycle maintenance. Great for beginning or experienced riders.

And when in doubt, ask a professional:

 – Dave

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