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juniperI’ve recently become quite interested in the art of growing miniature trees in trays, otherwise known as bonsai. After acquiring my first specimen, a little juniper tree, I decided I’d better do some reading to learn how to make my new friend thrive. The big thing I’ve learned so far is this: Bonsai is not for the faint of heart!

I’ll admit that my earliest ideas about bonsai were shaped by the classic bonsai tree trimming scene in The Karate Kid, where Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi sit down with some neat looking trees and shears and go to town. However, I’ve since learned that the trimming is only part of the story, and it’s definitely the easiest part. True bonsai mastery takes a lifetime of learning the intricacies of daily watering, shaping, repotting, and pest control.

If you think you have what it takes to learn bonsai, here are some great books to get you started:

And, for inspiration, here’s a great video montage of the many varieties of bonsai tree one can grow:


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