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Stop and Listen

The simple act of listening is easier said than done.  A recent opinion piece in the New York Times commented on the lost art of reading aloud, nostalgic for a time before the existence of recorded audio books, when people practiced reading aloud to each other as entertainment. 

Being read aloud to doesn’t have to be something adults do for children.  Nearly a year ago, blogger Julie wrote about what has now become our annual read aloud series.  Beginning this Friday, May 22, Eleventh Stack bloggers and other Carnegie Library staff will be reading aloud at Schenley Plaza for the Eleventh Stack Read Aloud Series.  We’ll be making an appearance with an essay, story or poem in hand this Friday as well as Friday June 19, July 24, August 28 and September 25.  We’ve chosen a theme for each month with May’s being mix-ups. 

I’ll be reading under the tent at Schenley Plaza this Friday starting at noon, along with blog contributors Bonnie and Jude.  Enjoy the simple act of listening and join us on your lunch hour as you listen to stories that will make you laugh, cry and think.

– Lisa

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