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Cows Take a Vacation

"Cows Take a Vacation" score

"Cows Take a Vacation" score

Every day’s a good day for round singing, but rounds shine when sung outdoors. If you’re planning a group event, a family reunion, neighborhood block party, or weekend campout, I’ve got a tip that will bring new life to the round tradition. There’s nothing wrong with “Row, row, row your boat,” but discovering new material is fun and good for the brain.    

Larry Polansky, composer, performer, music professor at Dartmouth, and master of many more musical activities, tends a growing garden of rounds on a simple web page, accessible to everyone. Rounds by other people,” as of May 9, 2009, holds the musical scores of 120 rounds. A click of the title, and you’ll be face to screen with printable music for favorites such as “Cows Take a Vacation,” “Round Pittsburgh,” “Breakfast  Round” (third of three on the page), and “Ze Wudka,” which features the lyrics

Should ve drink ze wudka after dinner?

No! No! No, ve’ll drink it before!

I am full of duck,

My potato’s stuck,

But life is good!

I am so full!

and is just right for singing before eating (and drinking). Don’t miss the tiny note at the bottom of Larry’s round page: (if you want a free little book of all these rounds, email me or frog peak–lp)



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