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Just in case.

I got into a small car accident a couple of weeks ago, the best kind, as those things go:  no one was hurt, and no one threatened to sue.  Some folks aren’t quite so lucky, though.  There are all sorts of ways one can find oneself involved in a legal situation; in fact, the law covers so many aspects of our lives, you can’t really say it’s lucky or unlucky to be involved in one. 

Either way, you might like to know that you can get help at the library.  Informational help, of course.  For legal advice, you would want to use something like the Allegheny County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service.

Like people and snowflakes, no two legal situations are alike, so there are more resources on more topics than I would be able to cover in this post. Here are some selected titles that should give you an idea of what you can find here at the library.

In addition to checking out one of these legal guides, you might also want to explore  PALawHelp.org (or LawHelp.org if you’re not in Pennsylvania).  This web site offers basic information on many aspects of Pennsylvania law and is a great place to start.


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