You are not alone

Have you ever read a great book and yearned for someone with whom to pore over the plot, the characters or the author’s writing style?  It can be tough forcing friends and loved ones to read a book, then have to wait for them to finish it so you can discuss the ending.  Your conscience might have even caught up with you for using methods like blackmail, manipulation, trickery and bullying to force literary discourse with the unwilling.  I know, because I have my own book-pushing guilt.

 I’m here to say that help is on the way.  Your local library has the solution to this difficult issue facing millions of Americans.  The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has oodles of different kinds of book clubs to suit every taste.  You can easily place holds on the book that the club will discuss and then pick up your copy at your local library. 

saints Tomorrow evening the Pathfinders Spirituality Book Club will discuss James Martin’s My Life with the Saints at the Main Library from 6-7.  James Martin,  who is a Jesuit priest,  penned a memoir of his own faith story while tying in those of saints throughout history.  He covers such compelling figures as Joan of Arc, Thomas Merton, Francis of Assisi and Dorothy Day.  Each vignette features a saint’s biography and how that person’s story has impacted Martin’s faith.  Even though I’m not Catholic, I find the accounts to be awe-inspiring and have helped me to see the sacred everywhere.

jacobs At our next meeting, Wednesday, July 15, we will discuss The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs.  This entertaining autobiographical tour-de-force chronicles one man’s attempt to obey every single law of the Bible literally for one year. 

Our book clubs are always a great time and this book club introduces great profundity into the mix.  We hope to see you there!


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