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Magical Fruit

If ever a food were magical, it would be the beloved bean.  I grew up eating refried beans almost every day and have never gotten sick of them.   

Did you know that beans are actually seeds?  According to the gorgeous, fun-fact-filled book 100 Health-Boosting Foods: Facts and Recipes for Super Health, not only are beans low-fat and filling, but also are a great source of natural plant protein. It also states that if eaten four times a week beans may reduce the risk of heart disease by 22 percent.  Do you eat enough beans?  Check these books for tips, ideas and information about this magical fruit.  Err–seed.

The Bean Bible: A Legumaniac’s Guide to Lentils, Peas, and Every Edible Bean on the Planet! by Green, Aliza.

A comprehensive guide to the history of beans from around the globe.  With recipes.

The Bean Book by Roy F. Guste, Jr.  

This book is filled with fun facts about beans.  Did you know that in some early civilizations, beans were used as currency?  Or that in some countries, people eat the leaves from the bean plant?  

 The Instant Bean by Sally and Martin Stone. 

Now you can no longer use the excuse that beans take too long to cook to be a staple in your kitchen.  This mouth-watering collection of recipes (Black bean chocolate mousse pie, anyone?) has time saving tips like quick-soak methods, using a pressure cooker and freezing portions of cooked beans to use later.  

Check out this musical tribute to beans (Warning: You might need to be eleven to appreciate this video):  –Bonnie


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