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Presidential Puppy

Obama Portuguese Water Dog Bo by Daniel Semper.

image by Daniel Semper

Getting a new pet is always exciting, but imagine if you were a puppy, and you got a new home, and it just so happened to be the White House.  This past week, Sasha and Mailia Obama got the puppy they earned, Bo, a six month old Portuguese water dog with family ties to Pittsburgh.   Bo’s father, Watson, is a pet and breeding dog to a family from Ambridge.  

Historically, first families have resided with a variety of first pets. Canine companions appear to be the most prevalent, however, silkworms, alligators and opossums are among some of the more unusual creatures on the list of presidential pets.  Founded in 1999, the Presidential Pet Museum in Williamsburg, Virginia has answers to everything you want to know about first pets.  

Test your knowledge of White House pets by matching the pet with its presidential pal.

– Lisa

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