Hair today, gone tomorrow

We wash it, dye it, shave it, curl it, iron it, mousse it, clean it out of the sink, tousle it, spike it, banana clip it, lose it, relax it, barrette it, berate it, comb it, bleach it, deep condition it, spray it, cut it, add extensions to it, braid it, crimp it, tease it, gel it, brush it, love it and hate it.  People in the United States spend $20,641,000,000 per year on it. So what am I talking about?  No, not pants!  Hair!


Here are some great books featuring this versatile asset:


Drunk, divorced & covered in cat hair by Laurie Beasley Perry.


After her husband takes off, Perry finds solace in knitting and enters society again with the help of her smart and funny knitting group.


Great hair : secrets to looking fabulous and feeling beautiful every day by Nick Arrojo.


This “What Not to Wear” stylist offers a complete education on hair care to enhance your beauty so you feel gorgeous. 


Guilty by a hair! : real-life DNA matches by Anna Prokos. 


Your hair can confirm your guilt or maintain your innocence.  Remember that.


Speaking of crimes, it would certainly be one not to offer you the viewing pleasure of perhaps the most exciting silent hair video on the Internet:







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4 responses to “Hair today, gone tomorrow

  1. Sare-Bear

    Bonnie, I am so glad you are spreading the gospel that is this video. I just might have a new favorite thing in the world.

  2. Tony

    That’s insanity. And the guy has multiple videos!

    I suppose it’s something to be proud of.

    – T

  3. Lisa

    wow, how should I even respond…I was waiting for the head banging…it came…but somehow, I still feel unfulfilled:(

  4. If you still feel unfulfilled after this video, you should watch his others. They are just as…splendid? Unnerving? Magical?


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