Lando Calrissian Is 72? No Way!

And yet he is. Happy Birthday, Billy Dee Williams! To celebrate, you can visit Wookieepedia and read over some of his finest Lando quotes.

Billy Dee is no stranger on the convention circuit, visiting science fiction shows, anime cons, toy shows, and gaming gatherings all over the country and the world, and he has at times remarked that one of the coolest things about being in Star Wars were all of the different action figure versions of himself Kenner and Hasbro created.

If you want to commemorate Billy Dee’s 72nd birthday in style, why not check out one of the many DVDs we have that feature his impressive talents? Also, you may want to check out some books by Billy Dee.

Personally I plan on placing my own Lando action figure in the pilot’s seat of the Millenium Falcon to honor the occasion.


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