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Anyone Want to Hear a Joke?

goldfishsharkHappy April Fool’s Day!  Oh no, don’t tell me you forgot today was the biggest joke day of the entire year?

Fear not!  I have found a few books that are chock full of material.

For the office-bound, I discovered Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks.  This is an excellent, friendly prank book that makes the long days at the office seem a bit shorter and more fun-filled.   Its uses certainly are not limited to April Fool’s Day, though, so if you don’t get around to it today, it may give you plenty of ideas for next year….

For those searching for a quick, informative selection of jokes, might I suggest The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jokes?  This is a marvelous cross-reference guide with content written by some hilarious comedians!  The book is written especially for quick and easy access to ensure a laugh at any time, and offers excellent advice on how to deliver the material.

Looking for more material to get you in a playful mood? The Museum of Hoaxes offers a list of what it considers to be the best April Fool’s Day pranks, and the disambiguators at Snopes clear up some misconceptions on the supposed origins of the holiday.

Have a laugh-filled day!


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