Wish Lists

On March 17, when rivers run green and everybody’s Irish, CLP will sprinkle a bit of new magic on customer accounts in the form of Wish Lists and Reading History.

A few weeks ago, an option for using Personal Identification Numbers (PINS) was added to individual library accounts. PINS will provide access to Wish List and Reading History, a convenient way for you to keep a record of books and other materials you want to check out in the future and have checked out in the past.

My wish list is also my “reading” history, that is, books I have checked out right now and wish I had time to read:



Short stories

  • Shakespeare’s Kitchen: Stories, Lore Segal. A novel in the form of short stories, told in various voices sharing conversation around a kitchen dining table.



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2 responses to “Wish Lists

  1. Don

    Nanao Sakaki … yes!


  2. thank you for listing our title Break The Mirror – we have also published a second collection of nanao’s poems, called Let’s Eat Stars, and a book about nanao, with contributions from 50 of his friends, called Nanao or Never –
    Gary Lawless
    Blackberry Books

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