It’s All Greek To Me


 γεία σας !  Welcome in advance, to the wonderful world of the Greek language!  As the cliché goes,  ‘it’s all Greek to me’, and in this instance, yes, yes it is. Oh, where is my spirit?!  ναι, ναι είναι. 

Greek is one of my favorite languages, aside from Romanian and Polish.  It was never originally on my list of languages to learn.  Instead, it was more of a chance that life threw at me, which I eagerly accepted.  I know the script looks a bit terrifying, and can be a put off from the beginning, but really it isn’t as hard as it looks!  (if you’re curious, those of you who have Facebook, go under settings and change the language to Greek for a couple of minutes to see what I mean.)  I’m sure you’re asking  ‘What does it  mean?’ or  ‘How do you even  read or say it?’  And of course, you can have the reaction that my four year old niece did: “Is that alien language??”  Ah kids…

Please don’t be terrified by the fun script that you see.  Greek is actually a fairly easy language to catch onto.  Of course there are many- countless- books on ‘how to’ learn the lovely language of Greece.  Some of my favorites are the Teach Yourself Series, we have several  for Greek.:

Teach Yourself Instant Greek

Teach Yourself Conversational Greek

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Greek

Are you curious? Have I whetted your appetite just a smidgen?  Aside from a book and taking very expensive college classes, how would one ever learn Greek?  Ah, the library, it has a solution for such troubles.  One of the things that I really REALLY love about the library is  that you can come to one of our fun free educational  programs to learn new, fascinating things!  So here is the solution to your Greek curiosities:  Here at Main I will be teaching a program about the Greek Language called The Greek Language Club  which starts on Monday, March 9th at 4:30 pm in Classroom A.  This club is for beginners to learn the basics of Greek.  You will learn the script, greetings, counting, talking about yourself and basic conversation, learn to  play cards and even discuss food!  I promise it will be far from a boring ordinary language instructions course!  Simon says and poker in Greek, who could resist?!    If you are interested in attending, please register:  here, however, if you decide on a whim that you would like to come, you can register anytime when you come to the program!

I encourage everyone to come and learn the lively language of Greece. I promise that it will be a wonderful adventure for all of us!  And of course, as always, if you are coming because you learned about it from the Eleventh Stack Blog– let me know because brownie points are yours!!!!!! 

θα σε δω σύντομα!!!

MA ^_^

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