Not available in stores!

Congratulations Pittsburgh bibliophiles! A new day has dawned! There’s a new sheriff in town! It’s actually not really a sheriff at all, or even a human. This pilot project is actually a new style of online catalog searching that scours the collections of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County public libraries! Anyone can access it from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh homepage. Sit down–you’re about to fall in love.

“Why would I fall in love with a stupid card catalog?” Well, I’ll tell you! Encore defaults to a keyword search–so in layman’s terms, searching for books locally can now be just as easy as using Amazon and Google. Let’s say you wanted to impress the folks at your Super Bowl party this weekend. You can enter the terms “party snacks,” “football cookbook,” or “chili con carne” and get a great selection of books for each. But wait–there’s more!

encore-facetsLet’s say your search brings up 150 items. Instead of attempting the overwhelming task of examining each and every item, you can limit the results to list exactly what you want. You can limit the topic by clicking on one of the tags in the “tag cloud” to the right that most accurately describes what you’re looking for.  You can use the left hand column to also limit your search by items located within a certain part of town or a certain library, year of publication, format (DVD, music CD, printed material etc.), and language.

But that’s not all! Let’s say you’ve found the perfect item, but it’s already checked out or on a shelf at a library on the other end of town. All you have to do is click “Request it” next to the blue checkmark and it will be sent to the library of your choice.


And when you’re done, you can bring it back to any Allegheny County public library that’s convenient for you. We will ship it back to its owning library.


We are so convinced that you’ll love this product, that we are offering for unlimited time, access to research databases!  On the lower right hand column of the page is a small list of databases that will list relevant and recent articles and papers about your topic with complete citation information. All you have to do is log in to Encore with your library card number!

Are you tired of paying $14.99, $19.99 or even $29.99 for books, CDs, and DVDs from a store or website when we are offering them for checkout from your library ABSOLUTELY FREE?

Try Encore today, risk-free!



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4 responses to “Not available in stores!

  1. I spent minutes, maybe even hours, trying to find a Dan Rooney biography, only to nearly give up. Thankfully, I asked a librarian, and they showed me Encore! We typed in dan rooney biography, and it came up easy as (a really easy) pie! Thanks, Encore! *gleam*

  2. Wow, this is really cool. A great upgrade to the catalogue.

  3. We’ve had some positive feedback about our new Aquabrowser catalog. There are lots of bugs to work out, but the people we are testing seem to have an easier time with it than the old catalog.

    I was pretty happy to see CLP go over to Encore since it makes searching and limiting a lot easier and more intuitive.

  4. Thanks for the input, Rick! I really think the new wave of products like Encore and Aquabrowser matches up with the way most people search (as opposed to the way librarians search).

    Leigh Anne

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