Books (but no snakes) on a plane

I try not to go anywhere without at least one book.  You never know when you’re going to be stuck in rush-hour bus traffic, or sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, or standing in line at the bank.  Might as well have something to read, just in case, right?

So when I was packing for my trip to Denver, I made sure to take at least one book for every day I would be gone.   And even though I’m having a great time up here where the air is clear, I’m glad I have a few pieces of the Pittsburgh libraries’ vast arsenal with me.  Keeps me sharp, and cuts down on the homesickness.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the books I took:

Sit Down and Shut Up, Brad Warner. If you find the Buddha, slam dance with him! An extremely down-to-earth Zen monk makes an esoteric Buddhist text accessible to the average jane/joe.

Sacred Voices, Mary Ford-Grabowski, ed. This diverse collection of women’s wisdom illuminates historical and contemporary aspects of the sacred feminine.

Leading With Kindness, Baker & O’Malley. If you think being kind means being a cream puff, think again. The authors espouse a firm, reality-based approach to kindness at work. Designed for bosses, or people who think they might want to be one someday.

Straight Up and Dirty, Stephanie Klein. This hilarious narrative of the post-divorce world will bring healing laughter and tough-love comfort to everybody who’s ever failed at relationships. Klein pulls no punches, sharing her story in an honest, yet not-victim based, way as she struggles to date after her marriage goes horribly awry.

With all these great books to distract me, I won’t have time to worry about whether or not there are snakes on my plane. What kind of books and music do you use to distract yourself during travel or other down times?

Your roving reporter,

–Leigh Anne


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3 responses to “Books (but no snakes) on a plane

  1. MA

    Hey Leigh Anne!!

    I hope your having a wonderful trip! Like you, I always try to carry a book- and a notebook- with me! When I travel I tend to write more than read but I always love to have a book or two on hand. My last trip to North Carolina in July I took Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, The Zombie Survival Guide, and the latest Yoga Journal!!

    I’m eager to hear your stories of your adventure upon your return. Oh and PS- the fourth installment of Nightwatch titled “Last Watch” by Sergei Lukyanenko is available in the USA today!!!



  2. Hey Leigh Anne,

    I found “In a Dark Wood” by Amanda Craig in my attic while packing for Denver, and threw it in my carry-on. On the plane, I found it so unsettling that I had to put it down and read Sky Mall.

    I would recommend this title, a journey through mental illness via fairy tales, for hotel reading but not airplanes (especially if you are like me and deathly afraid of flying).

  3. Ooh, thanks for the book suggestions, ladies! I am safely on the ground…and about to add “In a Dark Wood” to my reading list – thanks, Holly!!!


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