The Sandman’s 20th birthday

A friendly sci-fi blog pointed out that November marks the 20th anniversary of Neil Gaiman‘s oneironautic graphic novel epic The Sandman.  If you need further motivation to check out the series, the blog goes on to list the five ways The Sandman changed the world, and the author isn’t just talking about the numerous spin-offs the series inspired (which include popular series like Death, Lucifer, and Sandman Mystery Theatre).

If you’ve already read The Sandman, and fallen in love with its characters and mythology, you can become an expert by reading the many books that analyze the comic strip, like The Sandman Companion or The Sandman Papers.

And, just because the series is long over, doesn’t mean that the mythology has ended.  In this article, Gaiman discusses the new Sandman projects happening to commemorate the anniversary–which means that we can all keep dreaming.


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