Carpool, bike, or walk?

If you rely on public transportation to get around, you’ve probably been following the news about a possible transit strike as closely as I have.  Here at the library, employees have already started thinking about alternatives to getting to work.  Carpool lists are being circulated, and a few of us who live in the same neighborhood have organized a group of people to walk home together, giving us the opportunity for exercise and good conversation at the end of the workday.

Biking is also a great alternative  way to commute: it beats standing on a crowded bus, and if you avoid traffic and stick to some of Pittsburgh’s abundant trails you might even find that you have a quicker commute (and certainly a more scenic one).  Bike Pgh has started a Bike the Strike web site with tips for people who decide to go that route during a possible strike.

If the cooler weather makes you think twice about biking (*raises hand*), this Chicago-based web site (where they know cold weather) offers lots of advice about dress and safety in inclement conditions.  Looking for someone to carpool or bike with, but no one at your place of work lives nearby? Fill out a short profile on to be matched up with people in the Pittsburgh region to ride with or a group to bike with. For more suggestions on alternative ways to get to work, mass transit in the county that will continue to operate, and the Port Authority’s point of view on the possible walkout, look at the new Port Authority-sponsored web site,

From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Of course, if you’re looking for books about bicycle commutingwalking, alternative modes of transportation, or labor and union issues, we’ve got them at the library!  And with 18 libraries in the city of Pittsburgh, and 44 more throughout Allegheny County, strike or not, you should be able to find a nearby location to visit! 


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  1. Rebekah

    Good advice… and I love the photo from our collection. Mayors Sophie Masloff and Richard Caliguiri in the same photo. Interesting that they are at the groundbreaking ceremony for our subway system (which didn’t really become a system, per se).

    And you wonder why Pittsburghers bemoan the extinct trolley lines? **sigh**

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