‘Tis the [crafting] season…

The other day I had the radio on, and the station was actually playing Christmas carols. Before Halloween. Even if the weather weren’t so unseasonably warm, it still seems a little too early to be hearing Christmas music. However, as someone who tries to make the majority of my holiday gifts, I admit that I begin planning early. Most crafters are probably familiar with that last-minute panic that hits you when you have one gift finished, 12 started, and 3 more yet to start, with only 3 days left to work on them (Right?  Or is it just me?).  That’s why, every year, I try to avoid said panic by starting my gifts early, and selecting projects that are fairly quick to make. This year, lots of people on my list are going to be recieving the “Yellow Harvest” mittens from the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting– they look great, knit up in a matter of hours, and most people can use a pair of mittens.  If, like me, you like to start on your gift-making early, try looking at one of these books:

If history is any indication, by mid-November I will be distracted by something (work? snow? good fiction?), and on December 20 will be frantically trying to figure out how to finish everything on time.  If that happens, you’ll probably find me roaming the TT section of books (the crafting section, for those of you who don’t speak Library of Congress), or frantically reading all of the library’s crafting magazines, trying to figure out what to make (rather than admit defeat and actually buy something, of course!)


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