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Pennsylvania’s Photosynthetic Powerhouse

The equation of warm days plus cool nights results in the spectacle of color we see every fall.  This past weekend while driving north on route 79, I nearly forgot how I take Western Pennsylvania’s photosynthesis for granted.  For this area, the peak of the folige season is in mid-October, making this weekend a great time to take a walk and admire what nature has to offer.  I stumbled upon an article in the Post-Gazette where foliage enthusiasts point out that the colors of foliage shouldn’t be reducing to a single day, but rather seen as a “continuum of color.”  Interesting to think of leaf watching as an art.

This site, managed by the State’s Department of Community and Economic Development has a lot of useful suggestions about where to go for day trips as well as a traveler photo gallery.

Leaves of fall by dawe2k5.

There are a ton of great spots in Western PA to marvel at the leaves.  If you can’t make it out of the city, there are webcams planted throughout the state!  As always, the library has books about fall foliage too. 

– Lisa

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